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Best Luxury Vacation Destinations in the USA to Rent

Villa Pads has an extensive catalog of beautiful luxury vacation destinations in the USA. It's the perfect place to bring your family to relax and take some time off. Come and enjoy the best luxury holiday destinations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles.

Try our luxury beach vacation destinations when taking your family on a beach holiday. Our concierge services are able to provide guests access to family resorts with water parks, scuba diving, & kids clubs. We are partners with top boutique hotels. Our partner hotels allow Villa Pads guests’ access to their resort spa and even more luxury vacation spots.

So come with Villa Pads, and let's explore the best luxury vacation destinations the United States can offer.

Neighborhoods of Top Luxury Vacation Destinations

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

Las Olas Boulevard is one of the most popular luxury family vacation destinations in Fort Lauderdale. It's also accessible, being only a short drive from Villa Saha

The boulevard starts at the heart of downtown and goes up until it finds the ocean. Here you can find luxurious stores, world class restaurants, and museums, among other luxurious vacation destinations.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fort Lauderdale

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is one of the hottest luxury family vacation destinations in Fort Lauderdale. It's located a couple of miles from Fort Lauderdale beach and close to one of our most luxurious destination villas, Villa Coco.

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a landmark you cannot miss during your stay in Fort Lauderdale. It has history, art, and fine architecture.

You can find Frederic Clay Bartlett's house and personal art collection on display here. The gardens cover 36 acres with five ecosystems, including dunes, beaches, freshwater sloughs, mangrove wetlands, and maritime forests.

For a quick stop, try the lovely orchid house. It's one of the most exclusive vacation spots in the external gardens.

Riverwalk, Fort Lauderdale

When thinking about the most luxurious villa destinations, many people miss hidden jewels that only the locals know. Fort Lauderdale's Riverwalk is a unique place that mixes nature, luxury hotels, stores, and fine dining all in one place.

The route is 2.5 miles long and follows the river. You'll find historical buildings, several parks, and even its own Riverwalk Water Trolley.

NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale

Most luxurious travel destinations offer a variety of museums of art and culture to visit. Still, few are as complete and expansive as the NSU Art Museum.

The three-story building features over 7000 works of art in its permanent collections. They promote artists from Cuba, South Africa, and Latin America, painting a vibrant and expressive picture of life in Fort Lauderdale.

The museum has an educational program all year round, with constantly changing traveling exhibits. Hence, every visit is a new journey. 

It's also well-known for having a friendly and interactive children's tour. It's an excellent opportunity to teach the kids something new while having fun.

Miami, Florida

Miami Beach, Miami

Miami Beach is known worldwide for its peaceful neighborhoods, vibrant entertainment scene, soft-sand beaches, and crystal clear water. However, the high-profile attractions here make Miami Beach one of the most famous luxury vacation destinations. 

The most popular attraction in the area is the Art Deco Historic District. There are multiple antique buildings, fine restaurants, a beautiful beach with my friends whose I got security to always watch room and stay; resorts such as luxurious hotels, beach resorts, and various events.

Unlike most luxurious vacation destinations, all attractions here are connected by a single beautiful road overlooking South Beach called Ocean Drive.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

No luxury family vacation is complete without a visit to this famous national historic landmark built in the early 1900s. The 20-century mansion has 34 rooms, a beautiful garden, and a lot of history.

The Vizcaya Museum has distinctive Italian renaissance architecture thanks to James Deering. He brought over 1000 workers and artisans from Europe to guarantee an authentic feel to the Villa.

The mansion's interior is filled with classic European furniture and decoration from the 15th and 19th centuries. The Vizcaya Museum also accepts individual and group reservations

Everglades National Park, Miami

The Everglades National Park houses over 1.5 million acres of swampland and wildlife with exotic birds, crocodiles, snakes, and alligators. And it's only a short drive from most of our vacation rentals in Miami.

First, try the visitors center for a complete overview of locations, points of interest, trails, and crossings. Then, you can choose between long or short trails with several miles crossing the swamp.

If you're going for the complete experience, include the airboat tour in our plans. The fast boats help visitors cross the swamplands quickly while watching the wildlife closer than any other attraction.

Little Havana, Miami

If you're going through Miami and want to experience more local culture, try visiting Little Havana. The district is known for its several exotic art galleries and restaurants. You'll find the city's most traditional Cuban, Mexican, and even Venezuelan food here.

Some of the most popular dishes are authentic Mexican tacos, Cuban Ropa Vieja, and Venezuelan arepas. The quarter feels like the best slice of all the cultures in one condensed space.

Schedule your visit in March and enjoy the Calle Ocho Festival if you want to dive deeper into the culture. It's one of the world's largest Cuban and Latin American culture festivals with international music, folkloric dance, and food sampling sites. The festival offers a VIP pass if you prefer a unique and exclusive experience.

Coral Gables, Miami

Stepping into Coral Gables is like entering a Mediterranean oasis in the heart of Miami. Known as "The City Beautiful," its lush green avenues and Mediterranean Revival architectural style set it apart. Coral Gables boasts the famous Miracle Mile, a stretch filled with boutique shops, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants.

The historic Biltmore Hotel, with its grandeur and elegance, offers a luxurious stay, complete with a world-class golf course and a sprawling pool. Don't miss the Venetian Pool, a historic public swimming pool carved from a coral rock quarry, providing a picturesque spot for relaxation and leisure.

Brickell, Miami

Brickell is Miami's bustling financial district, but it's not all about business. This neighborhood combines the fast-paced corporate world with high-end living and vibrant nightlife. The Brickell City Centre, a multi-level complex, is a haven for luxury shopping and fine dining.

High-rise condos and office buildings outline the Miami skyline, offering breathtaking views of the bay. For a touch of green amidst the concrete, visit Simpson Park, a nature reserve with native tropical foliage. As the sun sets, the rooftop bars and chic lounges in Brickell come to life, offering sophisticated spots to unwind and socialize.

Coconut Grove, Miami

Coconut Grove is Miami's bohemian gem, offering a laid-back vibe with a touch of elegance. As one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, it's shaded by canopy trees and brimming with charming boutiques, cozy cafes, and eclectic art galleries. The CocoWalk, though recently renovated, remains a focal point for shopping and dining.

Peacock Park and the Kampong Botanical Garden offer serene escapes, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in natural beauty and tranquility. The neighborhood's sailing clubs and marinas emphasize its nautical heritage, providing opportunities to explore Biscayne Bay's sparkling waters. Whether you're strolling along the bayfront or enjoying a rooftop dinner, Coconut Grove encapsulates a unique blend of sophistication and bohemian rhapsody.

Los Angeles, California

Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Few destinations are as luxurious, famous, and popular as the Universal Studios Theme Park. Home to movie-themed rides, simulators, and events, there's a theme for every taste. The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Transformers, and Jurassic Park are popular attraction themes found here.

The best way to enjoy the park with your family is by guaranteeing a pass to avoid most queues. The pass only works once for each ride, attraction, or show.

While most folks join the studios' guided tour, the best experience is found in the VIP program. VIP allows passage to exclusive areas, shows, and sometimes provides meetings with celebrities and performers.

SoFi Stadium Suíte, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Rams and Chargers home is one of the NFL's largest indoor and outdoor stadiums. Sports fans can bring the whole family comfortably to have fun.

The SoFi stadium is the perfect place to enjoy the most luxurious sports experience. Its suites range from an eight-person cabin to a full 50-person suite.

The most luxurious seats are in an elevated suite behind the bench area. It has a capacity of 30 guests with modern furniture, VIP parking access, catering, and a privileged view.

Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Los Angeles

The walk of fame has been one of Hollywood's most popular attractions since the 1950s. It's a mark of the city's fame, luxury, and history, with over 2500 celebrities added to the sidewalks over the years. It annually receives over ten million visitors trying to experience a bit of history.

The TCL Chinese Theatre is also close to the walk of fame. The venue is known for hosting special events, red carpet ceremonies, and movie premieres.

The TCL Chinese Theatre has VIP guided tours about its history. The tour includes its foundation, Chinese culture, and the stars that worked here. It's not uncommon to spot a celebrity here during the events.

Getty Center, Los Angeles

Sitting on top of a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains is the Getty Center. The complex is home to a collection of European drawings, sculptures, paintings, decorations, and photography from various centuries. Richar Meier designed it for one of the wealthiest men in the world, the oil magnate Jean Paul Getty. 

The museum is home to some of the most impressive artworks. Some of the most well-known are Vincent van Gogh's: Irises, Rembrandt's: The Abduction of Europa, and Claude Monet's: Wheatstack.

The Getty Center has one of the most breathtaking views over Los Angeles. Try booking a table at the local restaurant late in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful vista.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory has one of the most beautiful views in Los Angeles. 

There are several permanent exhibits here, like the Tesla coil, a Foucault pendulum, and the stunning planetarium show. You can also try several telescopes across the roof and the front lawn to watch the stars.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Town (Chora), Mykonos

Mykonos Town, locally known as Chora, is the picturesque heart of the island, boasting a maze of narrow, whitewashed streets and alleys. This bustling town is a perfect blend of traditional charm and contemporary luxury. Landmarks like the iconic windmills and the vibrant Little Venice, where buildings meet the sea, create a postcard-perfect setting.

The area is a shopper's paradise with its chic boutiques and local artisan shops. As night falls, the town transforms, with its world-renowned bars and clubs offering a vibrant nightlife scene that attracts a global crowd.

Elia Beach, Mykonos

Elia Beach is the largest and one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, offering a serene and luxurious beach experience. Known for its clear turquoise waters and fine golden sand, it's an ideal spot for those seeking relaxation in a sophisticated atmosphere.

The beach is well-organized, featuring luxurious sunbeds, high-end beach bars, and exclusive restaurants serving gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of activities, including jet skiing and parasailing. Elia Beach also prides itself on being LGBT-friendly, embodying the island's spirit of inclusivity and freedom.

Ano Mera, Mykonos

Ano Mera is a tranquil village in the heart of Mykonos, offering a glimpse into the island's traditional life away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal hotspots. Central to the village is the historic Panagia Tourliani Monastery, adorned with intricate carvings and a striking marble bell tower.

The village square is lined with authentic Greek tavernas and cafes where you can savor local dishes and wine. The surrounding countryside, dotted with farms and chapels, is perfect for leisurely walks or horseback riding, providing a peaceful retreat into the island's natural beauty.

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